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Mikey Kuplevatsky
“Grit and Resilience are the only reliable traits that lead to success.”


UniSource, NY — Founder
2012  - 2015

My job as the Founder of UniSource involved Strategic Business Planning, Financial Planning, Web Development, Staff Management, Process Improvement and relationship-building. I had to ensure that every aspect of my business ran like a well-oiled machine. It takes change to make change, and I took a hands-on approach to ensuring that I was a part of the team and change, too. The company offered resume services, computer repair services and a well-maintained tech publication on how-to’s and tutorials. We also offered trained online Mentor programs for those in need of talking with someone about their mental health struggles.

Technical Freelancer, NY
2015 - 2020

Duties included SEO consultations, web development, computer hard drive replacement, RAM upgrade, re-installing and/or upgrading OSes (Windows, Linux, Android, and sometimes Mac), and installing / testing beta software.


NY — (H.S.)
2010 - 2013

In this filmography-centered high school, I learned all the generalized subjects, but also specialized in learning set design, camera work, film editing, screenwriting, and more.

NY - Community College
2013 - 2015

I changed majors a few times due to my undying thirst for knowledge. I took some health and fitness courses, Sociology, Psychology, Computer Networking, Astrology, Art, and Film Theory. Ultimately, I dropped out and took a risk on running a Startup, attending events and adding to my arsenal of skills and experiences by being a self-starter.


Writing & Creating

I've been writing for most of my life and find it to be a primordial aspect of my existence. I take pride in my ability to take concepts and ideas and bring them to life, giving them character. It takes more than just being a good writer to succeed at a project. You need to be quick but also efficient, which is why I've trained myself to write at least 85 words per minute.

Web Dev.

I’ve dabbled in building websites using Webflow, WordPress and other CMS platforms. I also know the ins and outs of configuring websites (on the DNS side), self-hosting them and working with registrars. Plugin installation is my nerdy specialty.


"If it's out there, I'll find it." That was a motto I lived by when I ran my own tech Startup in 2012. Research is one of my specialties, as collecting information is what I do on a daily basis. I'm great at finding needles in haystacks.


SushiLovingNerd — Techy & Personal Growth Blog

A dedicated blog documenting my thoughts, life experiences and more nerdy goodness!

7Cups - Listener

Being a trained volunteer Listener on 7Cups involves talking to members who are dealing with mild to severe mental health issues. Using active listening skills and a professional but human connection, I guide people in a direction that helps them either resolve pressing issues  or seek further help via RAINN, or the National Suicide Prevention Helpline.

“CLEAR” - Mentor

CLEAR “the way communication should be” was a project I created on my own, with a few of my colleagues. Similarly to 7Cups, we helped people that were either in crisis or dealing with mental health issues. I/we provided a mentorship program that allowed people to share their stories and struggles with someone, worksheets and other third-party resources that helped them conquer their demons and realize their potential.

Minus.com - Happiness Engineer

Minus was a file-sharing and image-sharing website, very similar to what Instagram and Google Drive are today, but combined. I posted company blog updates, offered customer support and services to our members, and regularly tested the UI / UX in beta and stages before the official releases.

Journal it! Android app - Customer Service

Tasks included customer service, beta and internal testing, working on tutorials and how-to’s, and communicating with the developer.

Peer Counselor - NY

As a dedicated PTSD peer intern counselor, I listened to and mentored individuals within group therapy sessions and those who chose to confide in me confidentially and individually. The group typically met once per week.

Guest Blogger - Consol.io

I was a guest blogger for the amazing productivity platform known as Consol.

Community Wiki - Clipto.pro

I contributed ideas, helped with bug reports, and created a community wiki for Clipto.

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