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Hey, there! Welcome.

Hi. This is Mikey typing, but professionals speak about themselves in the third person for some inexplicable reason, so goodbye.

Mikey Kuplevatsky is a writer, nerd...

Okay, the foolishness of writing in the third person doesn't sit well with me, so... I guess I'm not professional. Or a person, come to think of it.

[End terrible humor here].

Hi! I'm Mikey Kuplevatsky. A writer. Nerd. Productivity guru. Lover of sushi and a creator at heart, not only a consumer.

Having had a rough start in life, I learned the more difficult way that grit and resilience are the only reliable traits that lead to success; and that although I can't have everything in life that I may want, I can have anything. Total immersion and undivided attention are really powerful tools.

I. Am. Limitless. A warrior fighting the battle of life. That which brings me pain is a teacher, not an enemy. The past is no more therefore it has no power over me. The only thing that matters is what I can do now.

These are words I repeat to myself when I'm at war with the two sides of myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a prescription for NZT-48 to take in conjunction with this mantra, but I'll have to live with that. It reminds me that the past is a place of reference and that the future is irrelevant. I don't put much stock in augury. Instead, I immerse myself in the here and now.

Professionally, I'm a jack of all trades. I build websites, test software, and am a productivity and SEO guru. I also excel at writing and find it to be a primordial aspect of my existence.

Personally, I like myself better professionally. I am the best me when I'm working and contributing to this world.

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