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Why is Google Drive So Slow/Buggy? Why I Don't Use Google Drive & My Opinion on Google's Work Philosophy


I've been a Google Drive user since its inception in 2006. I love Google products; they're free, convenient, and semi-powerful tools that give you access to your files no matter where you are.

Why, then, do I not use Google Drive? Let me explain my love/hate relationship with Google Products in general.

In terms of employment, Google is known for being very strict when they screen potential hires (that is, engineers and programmers). Just look at any number of their hiring process videos on YouTube. While Google, in general, makes useful software that theoretically serves the user well, my opinion is that their staff seem over-logical, extremely math-oriented but lacking severely in common sense. A lot of their things, most especially Google Drive, seem over-engineered and riddled with minor bugs that then turn out to cause ripple effects where the bugs really get in the way of normal usability. 

It's not surprising, though; they have never had a smart work ethic, and this is even evident in their ads for their Chromebooks or Pixel devices. Apple and Samsung have always known how to sell to their customers. I really don't know what the heck Google's trying to say in a lot of their ads. Again, this is because they are over-logical and not social enough to understand common sense or what attracts a customer to a piece of software or a physical product. 

For me, including most people, software shouldn't just be "useful." It should be sexy, a piece of eye-candy that keeps you coming back because when you use it, the UX and UI almost entrance you. It should be like art.

I reiterate that Google tends to “Over-Engineer” most of the products they make, which in the end, affects the users of their software in a negative way.

Let's not forget about their product life-span. A lot of their products have been deprecated and shut down after a few years. I get it; as Jay-Z says, "onto the next one." (No, I don't listen to his rubbish, but I heard that joke somewhere and couldn't resist using it). The fact is, though, I don't take them seriously in any respect, when using their products. I expect them to be riddled with bugs. More often than not, they are. I expect them to fail me. Most of the time, they do. To me, they're the company you go to test out software and then choose between other usable products from MEGA, Microsoft, Open-XChange, Dropbox, NextCloud, etc. I look at Google making software as if they were Sephora trying to build software when they're a company that sells makeup. Google doesn't seem to know how to build a valuable product that connects the user emotionally to the product, and that's why people often run into more problems with Google than they do a company whose sole purpose is to build software for actual money, rather than using the customer as the product.

Google’s culture of “Over-Engineering” is really hurting them in the consumer software department (and other areas as well). But like I said, not all of their products suffer from Over-Engineering. For example, Blogger and Google Chrome are the best pieces of software I have ever used. Sleek, sexy, and usable. I suspect that the team behind these two products know what their users want more than the team behind Gmail and Google Drive do.

In the end, though, Google provides free software that is all actually comparable to if not more favorable than the paid options. Since I'm not paying anything for any of their products, I appreciate it more because the paid ones, when you look at it in the big picture, don't even offer that much more than Google does, and Google Drive offers unlimited storage if you use their native sync client. Yes, you may run into bugs, but at the end of the day, they are the most innovative companies that spit out new ideas so they could see what sticks to the wall and what doesn't. All they need to do now is focus more on design and consumer-facing, and they'll be even better! So, there you have it. I mostly use Google products. In fact, the only Google product I don't use is Google Drive, and I use Nimbus Notes to store what I need instead. Other than that, though, they're the best company around today and I don't see the need to use other paid products when I'm offered the same thing for free or cheaper, by Google. Other companies need to learn from Google, and Google needs to learn what actually attracts customers in the design and usability department. It's as simple as that.

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