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There's Something About Blogging...

The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. ~ Stephen Covey

I've been blogging for a little over nine years now and have created over a dozen websites, blogs, and tutorials for people. One of the most important lessons I've learned is that if you want your blog to succeed, to be taken seriously, then you have to treat it as a priority. Whether you're working a job and going to school, or more, blogging has to be seen as the job you don't get paid for (unless you do get paid for it, in which case you should be writing every day, if not twice a day).

Why do I say this? Well, let's just take a look at the statistics.

In 1999, only 23 blogs existed on the Internet. Yes, you read that right. 23! By 2006, that number jumped to over 50 million blogs on the Internet. We're no longer swimming in creative content, we're drowning in it. We need a lifeboat.

That being said, if you want to make a difference, to be heard and seen, you have to make your voice count for something. It's not enough anymore to just publish a blog article whenever you have time. If you drop dead tomorrow, then what? Your ghost will haunt your PC and write an entry? If you truly love writing, you must see it as a primordial aspect of your existence. You must see it as something on your bucket list. It must be in itch you can't scratch multiple times per week.

When I was in college, I always had a disclaimer for my professors: "I'm a blogger. I may not have time to finish all of your assignments, but rest assured I'll make them up and that I do listen with all of my heart and soul. Fail me if you must for it, but read my blog, and then you'll understand." Most of them read it and understood. (Oftentimes, I would even write my course notes for their class on my blog). For those who didn't support my disclaimer, I dropped out of their class and found another professor. That's how seriously I take blogging.

The competition is tough, undoubtedly. It's why you must invest more time and effort into writing. Because, at the end of the day, if you don't provide your readers with enough content, they'll jump ship and invest their time in other authors who take their work more seriously. They'll inevitably forget that you exist, and in that case, you've lost a reader. Remember that we're living in a time where people's attention span is very short-lived. You may not be writing for them, but they are certainly a vital part of your growth. One share leads to another.

Don’t Try. Be

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. ~ Steve Jobs

All of these things that you consider to be more important than "blogging", it's the universe's way of testing your commitment, and I often find that the people who try and fail, never, ever want to try again. They see their crafts as secondary, and in turn, the world treats it as such. You get that big promotion at work because you're tirelessly devoted to the task at hand. The same must be able to be said about your blog.

In the end, it is your choice. Perhaps your blog really is just meant to be a craft you pursue in your spare time. Who am I to say? This blog post is for those who love writing dearly but misunderstand what "priority" means.

There's something about the stats...

The first blog I ever created on a CRM platform went from 0 to 50,000 followers in five months. The second blog I created went from 0 to 10,000. The fifth blog went from 0 to 1,000 and eventually, fewer. This is my 100th blog (not literally) and it just goes to show you that your followers aren't bought, they're rented. You really have to be good at marketing and you can't just stop because you feel like giving up or because you're busy. If you do, other content creators will step out in front of you to steal your following. I shot myself in the foot by giving up so many times that now, my viewership is a lot smaller. I only get about 100 readers per day (when I post something new, not in totality).

Anyway, learn from me being a cautionary tale. Don't be an asshole. Embrace who you are, never give up like I did, and you'll skyrocket!

You only live once, so... click on those damn keys and create awesome content. Because you're awesome, dear reader, and the world deserves to know who you are. :)

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