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How do I handle rejection and spirtuality's concepts of identity?


When a ten-year relationship ended for me, it took all of ten minutes for me to move forward from it without looking back.

One of my friends noticed this and asked me "How? How do you get over a heartbreak that quickly?"

The truth is that I don't believe in concepts of egotism; attachment to relationships is one of the larger aspects of ego. There is no relationship because there is no me. There are just things happening, a series of chain events related to the first one, but nothing that I attach myself to. I'm comfortable and value it for what it is in the moment, but I can very easily let it go without a second thought. I don't get heartbroken.

Let me explain:

Every morning, I wake up and recite the following mantra: 

"Remember that you're in a box with space and time, but this isn't the totality of all reality, there's life beyond the scope of all of your understanding. What you're experiencing is the human animalistic realm of the spectrum."

Stay calm, for the inner world is limitless while the external world is limited.

A relationship ends, but there was never a me involved. Certain situations elicit certain responses. Water poured into a glass becomes the glass. Water poured into a jug becomes the jug. Water flows with the experience for as long as necessary. That's it. I am water. Undefined. Nothing and everything. Hence, I don't experience heartbreak because I am just energy riding along for the human experience. 

If a jug of water is punctured, the water is not damaged, it is the jug. Therefore the water contains freedom in such a sense. We are untouchable as humans.

Once we take out ego, there is no "I feel." That's already attachment, and it's wildly weird and unhealthy. There is no heartbreak. There are just things happening, and removing ego allows us to detach and experience everything in an objective sense. Anything else just renders you unconscious, moving you away from true and authentic consciousness, which is about the elimination of having too much emotion or thought on things. That right there is a slippery slope. The less, the better, essentially.

All relationships are holding onto something that never existed in the first place, a projection of inward excitement and vulnerabilities that we cannot or do not let go of.

Upon each experience, I die and am reborn anew. Nothing else exists. There is only love or fear. Lingering feelings are blind spots.

In all senses, I am not Mikey. Mikey is a character. We're all actors on the stage of life.

In the end, that's how I deal with life in general. When you take out "I" statements, you will realize that only someone who is detached can obtain a true sense of consciousness and reality for what it truly is. There's no meaning to anyone or anything. It's all in your mind. What you decide to label things, be it by words or emotion, conjured by things left unprocessed. Those things don't allow you to see things for what they truly are. Undefined. Nothing and everything. The reality is that there's no meaning to any of this.

There are just things happening. See. Observe. Detach. Repeat.

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