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Feeling Blue? Here Are People Who Had One Job But Failed Miserably

If you're feeling blue or like you've failed today, remember that there are people out there who are quite... well, just dumb. Here are people who had one job to do but failed miserably.

1. The Long Yellow Things.

2. I Mean, School Is Tough...

3. In Other Words, Stand There & Look Pretty

4. In Case Of Fire, Use... Wait, Never Mind

5. Drowning? LOL!

6. Well That's Useful...

7. Are You A Sausage Biscuit? You Might Be A Match

8. Women or Men? Guess Right!

9. Well That's Not Weird At All... The More, The Merrier!

10. This Puts "Work For The Money" To A New Level

11. Use The Imaginary Flip

12. What's The Booth For, Then?

13. What A Deal!

14. This is why school's important.

15. Better Security Than The White House

16. Who Needs Roller Coasters?

17. That's Going To Hurt...

18. Yes, This Is Exactly What Kids Need. No More School!

19. So, Nothing?

20. Women Had It Wrong All This Time. Bra's Are For Men

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