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The Top 3 Best Ping Submission Websites To Use For Your Blog

Ping submission platforms allow you to easily submit your blog or website to search engines for indexing in a single click. In many cases, ping submission platforms auto-generate a message to the search engines, notifying them that your website or blog needs to be re-crawled because you've updated it. Whether that be because you've updated your breadcrumbs, posted a new blog article, or deleted a page doesn't matter. Whatever form updates to your website or blog take, PSP's (Ping Submission Platforms) monitor this for reporting. This way, you'll have an even better chance of appearing in search engine results.

Here is a list of the top 3 ping submission platforms.

  1. Ping Feedburner
  2. Ping-o-Matic!
  3. Pingler

In addition, it will help you to submit your website to Google directly.

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