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Oukitel K9 Camera Tests

My new phone, the Oukitel K9, is a 7.12-inch Android phablet with a 1080 x 2244 IPS full HD Waterdrop display. It's a great phone, honestly, and for only $230, you can't ask for better.

The K9 rocks a 16MP + 8MP Dual Camera and a 6,000 mAh battery.

Below, I test my cameras (front-facing + rear) by taking some pictures as well as videos.

The video above is available in full HD, without EIS enabled.

Below is a full HD video with EIS enabled. (Make sure to enable HD if it's not auto-enabled by the player)!

and below is the front-facing camera video test.

... and here's another picture that was taken.

Rating & Opinions

For a $230 Android smartphone, my honest opinion is that you can't ask for much better. It's pretty great, considering the cheap price-point. It would not be fair of me to compare it to an $800+ smartphone, so I won't go in that route. Of course, you'd get a better camera if you spend close to $1,000; but for the price of $230, it's pretty much as amazing as it can get. It's a steal, and I've seen more expensive phones with worse cameras.

Opinion: I prefer the quality of the front-facing camera, even though theoretically the rear camera is supposed to be better.

Front-Facing: 5/5.
Rear Camera (with EIS): 3/5.
Rear Camera (without EIS): 4/5.
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