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Back in the day, if you were to purchase a piece of technology (for example, a computer), you were able to use that piece of machinery for about a decade. It's only in recent times that manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Google, and a few others, decided to go in the way of planned obsolescence.

What is planned obsolescence?

Simply put, it's the act of making sure that currently-existing devices gradually become obsolete through software updates and upgrades. This is so that users are forced into upgrading to the newest-available product because the current one, in one way or another, is no longer able to serve them, and is no longer serviceable. It's also the reason that newer-generation laptops have the RAM and hard drive soldered on; it's so that you can't upgrade or repair it yourself, and you'd have to either get a new computer or pay a large sum of money to the manufacturer to repair it for you. In most cases, they'll charge you way more than the repair actually costs. They figure they'll either make a profit by over-pricing the repair or manipulate their customers into just upgrading to a newer model.

I strongly despise the disposable nature of technology, nowadays. We're always on the lookout for the next dopamine rush, the next eye-candy. Let me let you in on a secret. All these smartphones and laptops are the same piece-of-shit devices that do exactly the same thing. There's no reason for monthly software updates or upgrading to a new model every year or so. When I buy a phone or laptop, I use it for a minimum of 6-8 years (or more, if the device carries on living). My needs don't change along with "the times" because I'm smart enough to know that advertising's sole purpose is to make you feel like you're broken or that you're missing out.

Primarily for other reasons, but it's the reason why I only purchase phones from BLU or Oukitel. Their phones cost anywhere from $100 - $350 at most, and they don't bog you down with software updates because they're not truly necessary. You just get the OS that comes with the phone and that's it. No updates, no upgrades. Use the phone as is. There are apps for security, third-party app stores, etc. You're set. You're in control. They want you to use their product which is long-lasting, compared to the expensive flagships. In fact, all of my flagships have had a shorter life-span than my cheap $100-$300 smartphones and computers.

Technology should be built to last, not built to fail. But Samsung, Apple, and Google won't hear it. Eventually, they'll release an update that slows your phone down, or you eventually realize that the hardware they used in their devices begins to fail after a year or two.

Don't delay, act today! Purchase from Oukitel and BLU and once again, enjoy technology that was meant to last. Stop chasing the dopamine rush, and stop being manipulated! You don't need the latest and greatest of everything, there's no need to be that entitled. You can find similar specs for much cheaper.

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