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Deepin Linux: A Beautiful Distro... To Avoid?


Deepin Linux is one of the most beautifully-designed Linux distributions that I've ever used. It's also one of the most 'functional' and well-thought-out Linux-based OSes that I've ever used.

For reference, here are some screenshots:

There are a lot of people who avoid using Deepin OS, though, and that's primarily because it was made in China.

I get it. China's government is a dictatorship, and no company or OS can exist without approval from the government, in addition to implementing a backdoor. The labor conditions are also horrendous, what with suicide nets being placed outside of windows because people are pushed past their limits. One of the most horrifying videos I've ever seen was titled: "Chinese Workers accidentally touched High Voltage Electricity Wire, and Catch Fire."

In many ways we are complicit, and that is their intention; we vote for ‘cheap’ every time we can (and I’m no exception). I use products from Oukitel and BLU exclusively, and that won't ever change. In a lot of ways, I support Chinese labor because that supports their workers and they are compensated for their work, even if poorly. Me not buying it because of "moral values" would leave room for very few manufacturers in the world that don't part-take in cheap, dangerous Chinese labor. Apple is the leading expert in abusing the Chinese and not caring about suicide rates. So if you're going to jump on the "pro-Chinese labor" bandwagon, you need to get a reality check. In terms of the privacy aspect, I get not using some products, Chinese, American, etc. But in terms of supporting workers in poor conditions, you're actually helping them by purchasing the products.

Anyway, I don't use it because I find it rather buggy even though the concepts are really functional ideas in theory. I also don't find its Chinese origin more of a concern than the American origin of other distros. Also, the argument that Deepin is not trustworthy because it's made in China is a huge generalization, and it's just stupid. Their entire code is open-source and you can view it, and there's absolutely no proof that anything shady is going on. Truth be told, if you're concerned about privacy, then the same could be applied to any and all distros. You never truly know what's going on behind closed doors.

I like Chinese products, they're cheaper and more functional than the over-priced American trash being released, and it means food on the table for hard-working Chinese people in poor working conditions. It's as simple as that, for me. If you want true privacy, and I mean 100% of it, then get off the Internet and go back into the Stone Age, where computers didn't exist yet.
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