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Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences. – Robert Louis Stevenson

There's a phrase my old life coach used to tell me. "Mikey, if growth by itself was a good thing, then we'd all beg for a cancer diagnosis." I believe that this was meant to be a joke, but the lesson behind it remains true to this day. We all grow. Organically, that is. Whether we like it or not, we get older. We arrive at a juncture at one point or another; a critical moment between moving on and moving forward. That choice that we have to make in that moment, it'll test us and push us past our limits. Everything we ever loved and believed in, all the progress we've made, etc. It's all on the line. We'll have to choose between faith and fear. The trouble is, the lines between faith and fear are often blurred. Which one's trying to protect you and which one's trying to trick you? That's the beauty of having faith. You don't know. If you've truly grown, you'll make the right choice. If you haven't... well then you've got more work to do. You have to make a choice sooner or later. Making the wrong one is better than no action at all. Either way, you'll face the consequences. Make sure they're good ones and be sure you're resisting regression, not progress. The resistance bands of life are a lot tougher than the ones at the gym...

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