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Are You A Pickle?

During my days being one of the few leaders in a recovery group, one of my colleagues used a commonly-known (but unfamiliar to our members) metaphor to nudge strugglers in the right direction.

A cucumber struggles with depression and drinks alcohol to cope. It loses a thousand dollars to the habit, realizes that it's a problem, and stops. A pickle struggles with depression, drinks way too much to cope, loses a thousand dollars but still continues to drink, even if "less often." With regards to PTSD, a cucumber struggles with depression and other symptoms and copes; the cucumber goes to group and therapy and fills its day with new and random activities so as to steer their mind away from dark places and temptation that lead them to get lost in their crucible. A pickle has the same issues but lies to themselves about why they can't do this or that. A pickle doesn't try to force itself or find other solutions. Nothing worthwhile is every easy. Choose the suffering of recovery than the suffering of slow death. You must remember that a cucumber, with a few wrong moves, can turn into a pickle. But it's not like that in reverse. A pickle will remain a pickle.

I thought this was brilliant. You've got to remember the power of self-control and that one bad choice will lead to another. Never settle or compromise when it comes to health or unhealthy habits.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.  C.G. Jung

Your life, no matter what happens in it, is your responsibility. The question should rarely be "What happened?" but more often "Okay, so what? What are you going to do about it?" There's a time to dwell and process, and there's a time to be proactive instead of reactive. Mix them up and you're going to live a very miserable life.

Maybe it’s the choices we make? We all start from the same grain but choose different paths? I’ve always thought most of us are only a handful of key decisions from a much different life. – Ashley Williams

Look, I get it. You're scared because you're looking ahead and maybe you're seeing a mountain (opportunity, challenge) you can't climb. Some things in life are simply challenging. They seem so unlikely as to be impossible, but they're not. Look back at the mountains you've already climbed. They were just as scary as the ones that are currently in front of you.

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