Why I Use Linux Over Windows

While I don't always understand the religious fervor towards a particular system, Linux is and has always been the best tool for my workflow. No system is perfect of course, but I prefer the Linux way of seeing things, and it has made me think more logically and see things in a more conscious light.

The Basics

  • If you run Linux on your computer, it remains your computer. You are in charge. Always. If you run Windows on your PC, then it technically remains their computer, and they make decisions that affect your workflow. Windows 10 was and remains to be a total alpha mess, and insists on doing things without your permission.

  • Simply put, Windows is malware. It takes control over every aspect of your machine and how you are allowed to use it and refuses to relinquish the control they have over you. If you delete an app or disable a portion of Windows which you don't like, it grows right back post-update, like a virulent cancerous growth.

  • Depending on the distro you use, it's not a resource hog or a strain on RAM or CPU, in most cases. No shady or crummy background processes run without your consent.

  • Default security and configurability is much more stable and effective on Linux than Windows.

  • The FOSS Way: It's simple, really. FOSS stans for "Free or Open-Source Software." This allows the users of any given software under the ways of FOSS a license that allows them to freely operate the program for any purpose they wish. Going further, it allows users to modify the program in any way they see fit and distribute the modified version of that software to others. It's about community power bringing their knowledge to life. Not only using a product how one company or dev. intended.

  • Variety & Hardware Support: One of the benefits of Linux is that they have thousands of different distributions of Linux-based operating systems that serve different purposes, and that run on all sorts of hardware. Going from ancient hardware that may only contain 1 or 2 gigs of RAM, all the way to the most modern PC you could think of. If you're looking for a gaming-focused Linux-based OS, they have an option for that. If you're looking for a privacy-focused OS, that exists. If you're looking for a video-editing focused OS, that exists too. You're not limited to one option or forced to upgrade your hardware.

  • You're not forced to update or upgrade your OS and updates don't break core functionality.

I could go on forever, but plain and simple, with Windows, you're essentially renting a tool that's not necessarily yours. With Linux, you're owning your own PC and you're the creator of your own system, not only a consumer.

Is Linux perfect? No way! But I would never go back to Windows unless I absolutely needed to, for whatever reason.

Read an interesting thread on Reddit here: Why do you use Linux over Windows?

My Favorite Answers

  • I just prefer the Linux-way of seeing things. Everything on the system is a file, not some obscure database that I can only interact with via a closed-source tool. Then there is the modularity. The system can be as big and as small as you want it to be. You can almost run Linux on your fingernail.

  • There's a lot that keeps me on Linux

    1. Developer Friendly
    2. Better Security
    3. the ways of FOSS
    4. more customization
    5. runs faster
    6. more stable
    7. no automatic updates
    8. Being able to truly "own" my devices

I could probably go on with enough time. I definitely think Windows has it's place more catered to the general user, and that's fine. Linux can be too much work if you're someone who hates working with computers. But Linux is also working its way up on that front too

  •  Depending on the distro, Linux does not require a restart to install updates.

    • You have full control over the OS. Don't like your desktop environment? Customize it, or change it altogether. I'm currently learning my way around the Awesome window manager.

    • Ties into #2. No spyware, no telemetry. The developers of whatever distro you use don't care what you do on it.

    • Free and open source software! It's truly free. No subscriptions or bullshit free trials where they cripple the software on purpose so it doesn't work fully. You download and open something like Blender, you can immediately start making Toy Story 5.

    • Gaming! Every day Windows is losing it's monopoly on PC gaming, piece by piece with Steam Proton/Wine/Lutris. Even some DRM/Anti cheat games are running now, although it's experimental.

  • I literately hate Windows. Been a Linux user for the past 17 years now. To me, in Linux, you're the true Administrator. Windows your never the true Administrator, because Windows always doing something without your permission. Linux on the other hand does nothing until you tell Linux to do something, with your blessing. For example; MSConfig in Windows. Tell me you done all of that and gave it permission to run in the background at startup. 9 out of 10 you didn't put it there; Windows did and running it without your permission.

And so forth.

A big thing, though, is with Windows, it doesn't really feel like my computer, it feels like I'm borrowing someone's ad-filled, sluggish, computer to simply and quickly get work done without getting full use out of it because something's always slow, and it eventually breaks. It's not consistent. With Linux, the tool works for you. With Windows, you work for the tool.