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Meditation Session Reflections #1

My meditation sessions range from a variety of lengths in time. Some last five minutes, other sessions last 10-25 minutes.

Today's was simple: 

Meditation Length: 5 minutes.

Soundtrack: "Black Wedding" by Blake Neely.

Lesson: I detach myself from everything that holds me back. The old me is no more, therefore it has no power over me. Everything outside of me is just that, outside of me. It intrinsically means nothing can take control of me unless I actively think about it in such a way that I assume it affects the way I feel, think and behave. What I think about becomes my reality and what I fear, I attract.

True freedom is knowing that I am water. I take the shape of whatever my mind pours itself into.

I am a mirror. A reflection of what my mind is busy with.

I am detached and in control. A warrior fighting the battle of life.

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